For the past year and three months, I have been working on a side project: publishing a book! I did not want to sacrifice authenticity or the freedom of being a creator during this journey. My Dead Persimmons dives into the adolescent mind, uncovering the raw emotions that are hidden amongst teenage angst.

The book can be found on amazon here

Or, you can read it on PDF file: MY DEAD PERSIMMONS MANUSCRIPT

A special thanks to my english teacher, who told me to continue what was once a small idea.


Ever since I was fourteen years old, I have been making holiday hand-made cards around Christmas time. What was once a hobby turned into a way I could help others. I have teamed up with my local charity where the profit earned from selling these cards would go to children who do not have the ideal living conditions at home. Because one or both of their guardians cannot physically nor financially be with them, the profit is critical towards their future. On December 17, 2016, I had the opportunity to team with Isabelle’s Cabinet to showcase my artwork as a way to bring awareness towards the cause.