for-herI had always labelled myself as a feminist –nothing more and nothing less. Time to time, there seemed to be a misunderstanding amongst society members on what feminism actually meant and what feminists actually wanted. I had published art regarding women’s rights movements and equality, yet kept it all under public eyes. It was not particularly sensitivity that prohibited this factor, but more so the fear of disharmony or disagreements. This hindered my growth in embracing these strong opinions I held. However, after being exposed to the recent amount of boldness, bravery, courage, and passion felt in the marches around the world to represent women, I realized how important it was to bring awareness.

The fact that women and men still march to promote feminism is bizarre to me. Why, in the 21st century for crying out loud, is there still a need to prove that women deserve the same rights as men? Have we not exhibited enough evidence, work, and sweat to showcase our ability? Is there really any reason that a pay gap of 21 cents is existent right up to this day? Or any validity in the fact that girls are taught to avoid rape when boys are taught to not rape? And must we really be taxed for biologically being women?

It is absurd. It is absurd that we have to fight for rights that should have already been established from the genesis of human nature. Being apart of a generation that communicates digitally, I too want to utilize my platform as a way to bring more awareness. In the midst of chaos that continues to dominate the modern world with social, political, and economic issues, it is glide past the true dominant case for women. As a millennium baby, I hope to be apart of the positive change for women that surrounds my community. And I hope that my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren read about these moments with reassurance as they know that the fight has already been won.



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