Who are we as of now?

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It amazes me on a daily basis when I think about how humans view themselves. It’s either one way or another: We either overestimate or underestimate our abilities. In a world where ignorance prevails above all, it is hard to state who we are as of the 21st century. People like to reassure themselves by saying we are advancing, progressing, innovating. Yet did the Egyptians not think the same when they built their influential pyramids? What about Greece when they were the first to establish democracy? And the Vikings with their evolutionary ships? When we come to this realization, we further suppress such irrationality. We shun these ideas, because we refuse to accept the truth.

In all honesty, nothing much has changed. Mankind is still selfish (surprise!) and we still know about .000001% of the world we live in. We are so naïve — to the point where we can’t pinpoint the origin of our existence. In a world where we should humble down, we instead believe that we are so much more superior.

So what are we? Who are we? What will we be?


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