Queen of the Flies

blog 3.jpgBased on the allegorical novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies, I created three looks, one each to represent the primary characters.

Background –William Golding was influenced by the war and established this novel in order to demonstrate how mankind is very capable of evil under certain circumstances. That being said, the novel takes place on an isolated island where British schoolboys land with no foundational civilization established. The main characters include Jack (left on the illustration), Ralph (middle), and Piggy (left.) Furthermore, Golding adds in elements based on Sigmund Freud’s (also known as the “Father of Psychoanalysis”) Theory of Identity.

Jack is my favorite to analyze as he portrays himself in various shades of light or personalities. At times, Golding emphasizes the inner Id which Jack displays through actions like killing the pig (hence the pig in the arms of the figure.) Yet what is almost admirable yet still daunting is the fact that he hesitates. Actually, he is fully conscious. Only is he capable to perform morbidity when he hides his face under a mask. Thus, it can be debatable whether Golding wanted to exemplify Jack as the ‘Id.’ Because Jack is a very complex character, it adds more layers onto the overall meaning of the novel itself.

Ralph is the protagonist. Because in the novel, Ralph takes advantage of the conch, I made sure the figure’s outfit included pieces of shells scattered. This embellishment symbolizes Ralph’s supremacy and control over the island.

Piggy. Piggy, Piggy, Piggy. I made sure to include the legendary glasses in the figure as Piggy cannot exist without them! Although in the novel, Piggy is often pushed aside and seen as inferior, he plays a major role in the establishment of the novel. Without him, the other boys would not have been able to create a running society.


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