the freezing cold war

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The Cold War (1947) is a war I constantly reflect upon and have alternating opinions about. The Cold War was mainly between U.S. and the Soviet Union (capitalism vs. communism.) But, ironically, the physical war itself had no direct contact between both those nations. In fact, they utilized proxy wars to fight for them. Like a game of chess, the kings –United States and Russia–sat on opposite ends, watching as the knights, bishops, and pawns fight the morbid battles. In this perspective, the Cold War symbolizes a powerful gamble of moves that was crafted.

The artwork itself represents soldiers fighting in the cold (hence the Cold War). As illustrated, two men are bathing in the sun: one wearing the U.S. flag and the other wearing the Soviet Union flag. They are relaxing in great warmth; it can almost be seen as two cronies resting while the other nations below, North Korea, South Korea, and Vietnam are fighting amongst themselves.

One of my favorite things to analyze is the tactics and reasoning behind wars. What was going through the nation’s minds? How would the war positively affect the people? Can a war follow throughout without any negative outcomes? What is the point?


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